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Photos Of Pastor's Wife Who Disgraced Husband On The Altar, Accusing Him Of Fornication

It was another dramatization in Akwa Ibom state as ministers spouse storms the congregation and hold the husband to recover for laying down with his congregation ensemble chief. 

The organizer and minister of Kairos Rhema Embassy, a neighborhood church in Uyo, Akwa Ibom was disrespected on Wednesday after his significant other raged the congregation premises and straightforwardly educated admirers that her better half was carrying on with a two-timing life as well as had impregnated a female individual from the congregation 

The minister's significant other, Idongesit Ese, was kept from entering the amphitheater of Kairos Rhema Embassy. In any case, she insubordinately remained at the congregation premises to disclose to her story. 

As per the lady, I need each man and lady who has a soul in this congregation to ask my significant other for what reason he is doing this to me, for what reason would he be laying down with a little youngster who came to look for guiding and petitions from him, " Mrs Ese said with sorrowful eyes to a small bunch of churchgoers who accumulated around her. 

I got my significant other in a lodging laying down with a lady by name Evelyn Etim, an individual from our congregation. As I address you, Evelyn has brought forth a child kid and she is living in Eket with my better half 

The occurrence happened around 12 early afternoon at Bassey Esau Street, off Aka Itiam, where the congregation is found. 

The minister at the hour of the scene took a stab at halting the writer to cover the scene, even the majority of the columnist who had a go at entering were beaten by hooligans. 

The godly man being referred to was limited that was notable all over Akwa Ibom state, he has served in many Church programs all over Akwa Ibom. 

With this solitary demonstration, the godly man has lost absolute regard in the service. 

Numerous individuals who saw the occurrence were exceptionally baffled in the righteous man.

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