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(Leaked): See what this girl was captured doing at a party.

Dimaskinosnews comes to you once a gain with a hot but shocking scene of a girl doing it in front of people at a party. Please do not forget to comment, like and share for more news. You can also visit our page for more related news.

This article you are about to read showcases how people especially girls can be soo influenced by friends to do things. They allow their peers to determine what they should do with their lives instead of deciding for themselves.

Reports reaching Dimaskinosnews has it that a teenage girl by name Eugenia whose nickname is Akosua D!-ck boss in a party organized by one of her female has engaged herself in a “mama ne Dada” activity not in close doors but at the full sights of other people at the party She in video(can not upload because of its features) was seen been dared by some female friends that she was a little baby and could not do what they have been doing. She in order to proof to them that she is also a “bad girl” asked them to say whatever they wanted and she would do it.

A slim girl in the video (whose identity is not yet confirmed) said she could not have s3x with any of the boys there I’m front of all of them. She then asked them to choose any of the boys at the party and that she would do what she is asked to.

One guy who was holding a shisha pipe offered himself for the demonstration. The girl in no time went to the young man and began with the task.

The on lookers started cheering her up and chanted her nickname as she was bj-ing. She after sometime saw her act to be enough proof that she was a “bad girl” and decided to stop but the the people over there said she should go through with the whole thing.

Eugenia at that time had no choice than to finish what she started as the whole house was asking her to do so. One of the female friends held her hand as a move of support through her immoral activity.

Some others too where laughing and making playful fun of her as they saw her going through pains. Others too were busy recording the whole incident This guy can be a man she knows nothing of. He could have STDs but this girl carelessly did what she did. What if she gets infected or pregnant? Are these the future leaders? Let us know if your thoughts on this.

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