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Appiah Kubi Spills More On Aisha Huang's Case-Why That Person At Tamale Should Also Be Prosecuted

The public discussion on the alleged illegal mining activity has been exacerbated to include how she came through the borders of the country after the reported deportation.

Did Aisha linger within the country's borders after 2017? When did Aisha Huang get her Non-Citizen Identity card? Why does Aisha Huang possess two passports?

Is she a fraudulent person or a spy? Did anyone at NIA at Tamale question why Aisha has two passports? Is Aisha hiding anything from Ghana's authorities? Did she engage in any illegal mining activity?

As it is said, fraud vitiates everything. The Albanians have a saying that, fraud and cunning are the weapons of the weak.

In another vein, the Africans have an adage that food gained by fraud tastes sweet to a man but he ends up with gravel in his mouth.

Well, the case of Aisha Huang is a complicated one as there are many suspicions of complicity in her dealings. No wonder the Latin proverb says it is fraud to connive at a fraud.

Interestingly, the member of parliament for Asante Akim-North has stated that there is no country with perfect security.

He also revealed the fact that Aisha might have taken advantage of th country's systems should not be misconstrued as a weakened security structure.

On the TV3 Keypoints show, NPP's Appiah Kubi seemed to have agreed with Prof Aning on the fact that the prosecutions and investigations should not be limited to Aisha Huang. Prof Aning is quoted as saying that " Tackle the network behind Aisha especially Ghanaians who helped her".

NPP's Appiah-Kubi also indicated the need to review the law using a bipartisan approach to punish offenders adequately not limiting such grievous offences to just a minimum of 15 years or a maximum of 25years.

" In my view, the person who saw Aisha Huang's two passports should also be prosecuted. When you see a crime and fail to report it, that makes you a criminal. The double passports should have been reported because it was not normal and smacks of fraud".

On one passport, the date of birth is 7th November 1975 and the other passport is 7th July 1986. She also used different forenames.

How is it that the NIA officer at Tamale said Aisha could not outwit them with the two passports? Why did the person not report Aisha to the police for suspected fraud? We need to train our people on some of these things.

Does the case of Aisha Huang tell the world about Ghana's security issues?

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