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Africa must think beyond the mental shackles of language.

I humbly welcome you to my blog; I promise to bring you nothing but the best. To follow me and stay up to date on all the amazing stories about health, entertainment, politics, jokes, culture, fashion, lifestyle, and more, please tap the follow button in the upper right corner of your phone. Today's article is particularly an intriguing one. Let's get this started.

Africans respect a French national who cannot communicate in English. When a Spaniard is unable to communicate in English, Africans respect him. Africans respect a Chinese who does not speak English. When a Russian is unable to communicate in English, Africans respect him; similarly, when a Portuguese is unable to communicate in English, Africans respect him.

But when an African cannot communicate in English, he is regarded as a joke, unintelligent, illiterate, dumb, and stupid.That is the extent of the harm we have suffered as a people. We use English to assess the intelligence of our people, including children.

In our schools, children are taught that they are stupid simply because they cannot speak a language that is not related to their ancestors.

Africans, Put an end to this mental slavery. Teach your children their mother tongue and allow locals to feel free to speak their native languages without fear of being judged. Do not help the oppressors to extend their oppression. Do not assist oppressors in furthering their oppression.

If you come across this post, please share it widely to help spread the message and enlighten an African. The people around you need to hear this. It's a group effort. Don't break the chain of mental revolution. Thank you! 

Content created and supplied by: Ridallah (via Opera News )

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