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If You Have These Physical Challenges, You Won't Be Recruited In The Security Services

The security services in the country are a defense force that protects the country from any external aggressions such as terrorists and others. However, the joining of the army has developed a taste in the lives of youth citizens in the country. But due to some physical characteristics of these young people, they are often rejected from being recruited in the defense academy.

Today we shall discuss the reasons why applicants with Knock knees, Scars, Bleached skins, and Obesity are rejected for being enlisted on the academy list.

1. Knock knees:

If you want to join the military with knock knees, you won't be recruited because the military academic requires physical training. You would have to run long distances and we are talking about 20 to 40 kilometers.

You would have to do a lot of physical work such as jumping, climbing, heavy lifting, or even crawling on the floor for about more than one hour. And if you have structural knock knees, your knees cannot take the load of all these physical activities.

So even if you are allowed to go into the academy, you will realize that after a few months, you will just have to quit because your knees just couldn't cope with the amount of demand that the training needs.

These medical prerequisites are put in place for the health of the applicants. So if you have w structural knock knees you already are at a higher risk of people who will potentially suffer from knee problems.

So they are just trying to eliminate the people who are already at a higher risk to join the army force because if you want to go through those tremendous physical loads you most likely would just end up with an injured knee for the rest of your life sometimes.

2. Bleached skin

Skin enlightened applicants are also denied the opportunity to join the defense force as a result of its vigorous training it gives its academy. Because these people are considered fragile and weak for their already remove pigment from their skin. That's why we urge every individual to be with their complexion.

3. Scar Prone:

Applicants with too many scars on their hands, legs are denied the opportunity to be in the defense force because of the running and the marching which is excessive in the military. They might injure themselves in the course of these activities.

4. Obesity

People with a fat body are also denied the fact that they cannot cope with the vigorous training in the academy. People with this kind of body cannot run, jump and crawl to the maximum satisfaction.

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