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Ten(10) honest politicians in Ghana

Ask a six years old Ghanaian child the simplest question; “what is politics?” and he or she will respond with a stern face in the words: ”politics is a game of game of lies”. Politicians have over the years managed to make a reputation for themselves as society’s agents of deception and as such, have lost the trust and belief of most people.

Ghana, a country considered by many people all over the world as Africa’s most democratic nation has a political space which is not too different from the rest of the democratic world. With politicians making unrealistic campaign promises and telling blatant lies to the very people who put them in their various positions of power, the game of politics and its players are becoming unpopular among the masses by the day.

Fortunately, there are still a few honest ones left who aspire to say the truth just the way it is at all times and below a list of Ghana’s top ten most honest politicians.

1. Kennedy Agyapong. I don’t know where you belong but I know you will agree with me that the “talkative millionaire” lays it out just as it is. IF you want to keep a secret with Ken, do yourself a favour and keep it with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The member of parliament for Assin Fosu has no respect for privacy and he is brutally honest.

2. Koku Anyidoho. Some people say he eats from two bowls with both hands but even his most renowned critiques can’t help but admire his honesty.

3. Jerry John Rawlings. He may not be a saint but believe me when I say he hates corruption to the core and does not tolerate or cover up dishonesty. The military leader who later led the country as a civilian is the reason why Ghana has a stable democracy today.

4. Haruna Idrisu. He is one of the most influential men in the parliament of Ghana and a very honorable man. Your political affiliations might not allow you to be a big fan of him but if only you could follow him a bit you will realize how brutally honest he is.

5. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo. What will you do if you are the president of Ghana and your government entered a bad agreement for the distribution your country’s most essential or perhaps the country’s most essential need? Will you come out to say it as it is or sweep it under the carpet? Well this is the president who was honest enough to confess that he was misled by those he delegated to negotiate the deal on his behalf. In 2016, Akuffo Addo stated categorically that: “I am not corrupt and I have never been corrupt”. That is a powerful and challenging thing to say for some one who was seeking to become the president of Ghana.

6. Johnson Asiedu Nketia. The “little mosquito” may be sarcastic at certain point and funny at other times like when he rocked his wife's “dress” but his honesty is not up for debate. The little man who himself rose to prominence through toil and untold hardship does not mince words when laying the truth out.

7. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah. The young minister even engages in live social media conversations with citizens to answer burning questions on governance in the most humble and honest way. Kojo is currently a youth favorite and is considered by many as a future president.

8. Martin Amidu. We almost forgot the special prosecutor. The former National Democratic Congress activist who is now Ghana’s special prosecutor was given that office by the president after Ghanaians went on social media to demand that he be made the special prosecutor. Some people even went as far as writing petitions to the president of Ghana. All of that was possible because of his honesty.

9. Zanetor Rawlings. The member of parliament for the Korle Klottey constituency may be a young politician but it seems the father’s honesty has been inherited after all. Ghana could not expect less of the daughter of Jerry John Rawlings.

10. Wait! I have an idea. Why not leave the tenth one for you to decide? So who is the tenth most honest politician in Ghana in your opinion?

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