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Veep Dr. Bawumia achieves gold at 58 today; congrats Mr. President and what's next your Excellency?

Without politics on my lips and that of Ghanaians, if we will be honest with ourselves as a people, the leadership of the Akufo-Addo-led administration has been a blessing unto the whole country. Your backing as his Vice President in the fourth republic in our political landscape was written in the stars and in a way, we are lucky to have seen it happen in our time as citizens. 

Truth be told: the country was in dire need of a new vision, a new voice, a new phase of leadership, and a new style to change the way and manner those in power managed the affairs of the state in 'an analogue' and antiquated style. It was not helping things. It stalled our progress in almost every facet of our economy.

The digitization drive of the economy that majority of Ghanaians know to be championed through the Vice President of the Republic, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has led to the immense growth of the nation's revenue.

With your ideas and experiences gathered from both local and international appointments helped you to be aware of our peculiar problems we face as a nation and the way forward. They indeed prepared you for the work you are seen doing today.

You, your Excellency, together with the rest of the nation's financial management team teamed up to rescue the country from the ' strict financial shackles' of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) program that restricted government from employing its own able citizens in the government sector and many other restrictions that came up as a result of the financial help they gave the country back in 2013.

I have lots of family and friends who had completed school and were still at home, unemployed. But, the Agric sector, COCOBOD have been able to employ quiet a number of them. The health ministry did their bit. Education was given clearance, though the problem is far from over, NABCO swallowed a huge number of them. 

Though God Almighty has been on the side of Africa. But, if technology has not been involved in the management of the Coronavirus-19 pandemic, the end result would have been disasterous for a third world nation. A continent where experts predicted our doom and total elimination through this novel virus.

Now, the country remains one of the fastest growing economies in the world - all praise to Almighty technology championed by a new formula people refer to as, 'DigiMiatics', one man referred to as an 'Economic Messiah' who came to transform our hard works with digital technology to boost productivity. I now sit at the comfort of my home and do business transactions with my bank. Impressionante (Espanol)! 

But, Mr. DigiMia, if I could have the chance to speak with you, I would advise you to seek cleanliness especially in the cities. Filth is swallowing us. Your local authoritiea are not working. The cities has been choked with hawkers transacting illegal businesses in kiosks and containers everywhere.

The housing deficit in these cities is a problem hanging on our neck. The 2021 National Population Census indicates that millions of people lives in temporal kiosk-like structures. Majority in these areas, are engaging in lots of criminal activities. 

If I had the chance to talk to you, I'd advice you to do a house cleaning. Ever since you came into power, your Excellency, your government has often seen many Public Officials who ain't so clean acquitted and discharged of any wrong doing whiles most investigative Journalists and the general public knows that these people are not as clean as you publicly paint them. We know them and they know we are aware of their shady deals.

There is this saying that, to every rumor, there is a bit of truth. So, if only you would listen, please, do something about the canker spreading like wildfire at your backyard.

Some of your own people are so much involved in the galamsey menace and that's why we are unable to stop it once and for all. You recall what His Royal Majesty, Otumfuo OSEI Tutu II said when he attended a stakeholders meeting on how to clump down on the galamsey menace? He said a huge chunk of the people who were gathered in that room knows those involved in the canker. He was emphatic and a man of his calibre won't say anything. He has the proof. 

But, until you and your government work on yourselves, this country still remains where we are and the evil men do continues to reign. 

It is about time to provide the Office of the Special Prosecutor with what he needs to chase, and deal with the bad nuts for we only have one Ghana under this sun that we can call Our Motherland! 

But until then, may Almighty Allah continue to give you wisdom and enlarge your scope of understanding so you can do more for Ghana. May the ever merciful Allah open your eyes to see those corrupt ones in your government. 

Happy Birthday and God bless you, Mr. President! 

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