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Here is The Country Where There is No Unemployment, No Beggar and No Corrupt Leaders in Government

Today, i will bring you to an exciting country where unemployment and beggars are not present. You will see Africa can wake up. Read down to the end. The merchants themselves are reducing the cost in this incredible world. It was one of the most backward and pathetic regions on the globe forty years ago.

This is one of the world's safest places. Rarely happens theft here. Hotel rooms have no single security, which is an essential feature of prestigious hotels worldwide. Due in the unusual combination of numerous geological and environment areas, this state is dubbed the "fairy tale of the Orient." Health education and treatment are free of charge.

About 350 sunny days a year. Here of resident earns a plot of property for building a house after meeting the age of majority, and on the key vacation the Sultan declares an amnesty of credit. Taxes should not apply to people. There's no unemployment here, no starvation, the beggars, and one of the world's best national health systems.

That is the east of Saudi Arabia area of Oman. Its history goes back more than two thousand years since the British supported Sultan Qaboos in 1970. And this was one of the poorest countries in Asia and the region was the same with its standard of living. The extent of deprivation from myriad tribal wars was as high as in the poorest African nations, and disconnected from the outside world.

He woke up and still continues since the Sultan's arrival and is an utterly unusual dynasty today. This country has ruled for 40 years, has succeeded in getting his country from distress and has now turned it into a prosperous country with a rival economy, like the Arab Emirates and Dubai. Per capita earnings were around 300 dollars in 1970 and increased by 60 thousand dollars.

With this number, how people can be bad and how young people can never become grasshopper. The country's oil supply, valued at 64 percent of world GDP, makes it rich. Hear well, Europeans, America and yet Dubai compete in building scrappers are unrelated to this region.

In order to get there, he first practically removed crooked government department officials taking over oil sales and the budget, the capital of Moscate is called the town of the White Houses. This article will conclude in 3 months if I want to explain to you about the wonders of this country.

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