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Doumbouya Appoints Minister Of Security And Civil Protection: Swearing In Ceremony Takes Place

Each government has different names and ways they go about choosing, maintaining and operating their law enforcement agencies. One country may call it a force, whereas the next may call it a service and all of them are similar institutions which essentially function the same way. Many of such agencies share functions depending on the geographical make up of the area.

The interior ministry falls under the ministry of security which comprises of many of the security setup such as the immigration service, fire service, prison service with the police service serving as the main body in charge of internal security of the country. To add to this, State Police Departments and Highway Patrols are responsible for the highway as well as having other units of law enforcement.

Doumbouya is working assiduously to transform things in his homeland country of Guinea and this time has appointed the interior minister. Mr. Bachir Diallo, has being sworn in as the minister of security and civil protection and took office this Friday, the 22nd of October 2021.

In attendance were members of the Junta as well as well as police officers, with their top commanders to witness the whole ceremony. Many state level agencies work in conjunction with local police departments not only to provide information and a shared enforcement goal but often times to supplement other security divisions.

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