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How the president is planning to remove Ga Mantse, Kelvin Tailor exposes with a leaked audio (video)

Friday, 1st October 2021

Kelvin Tailor has ventured into chieftency with his critics and this time, the gun is pointing to the Ga Mantse. The owner of Loudsilence TV during his popular talk show, With All Due Respect yesterday alleged that the President of Ghana was meddling with issues pertaining to the installation of Ga Mantse.

According to him, after the death of Boni Nii Amugi II in 2004, the Government formed a committee to search for a new Mantse for Ga traditional council. The committee was chaired by Dr. KB Asante with members as Rev. Prof. SA Ayitey, Rt. Hon. Peter Alah Adjetey, JDA Esq, Prof. Ablodey and Mrs. Annim. The committee at the end recommended that Nii Tetteh Kwei II be installed as the head of Amugi family while Nii Yanteh Otuga becomes the Gyaasete. They will then be in a position to find a new Ga Mantse.

After several engagements, the Amugi family settled on one Nii Adama Latteh II as new Ga Mantse. He was subsequently approved by the Ga Traditional Council and gazzeted by the Greater Accra Regional House of chiefs and the National House of Chiefs. The official change of Ga Mantse according to a document published in the Ghanaian Times was done in 2013. King Adama Lateh II has been recognised as the Ga Mantse by all since then.

However, in 2017, national security operatives ransacked Ga Mantse palace and told King Adama Latteh II that he was not the rightful Ga Mantse. One King Taki Teiko Suru started putting himself out as a Ga Mantse. Kelvin alleged that this was masterminded by the presidency.

Kelvin produced a petition which was written to the presidency asking who actually was the rightful Ga Mantse. The presidency wrote to Ga Traditional Council for answers to this petition. In response, president of the council Nii Okwei Kinka Dawula referred the office of the president to an earlier letter written in 2018 which confirmed that King Adama Lateh II was the recognised Ga Mantse.

The Ga Traditional Council also wrote to the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs on its response to the presidency and asked them to confirm or otherwise the fact that King Adama Latteh II was Ga Mantse.

Kelvin said the two Houses of Chiefs wrote back insisting that they knew of only one Ga Mantse and that person was King Adama Latteh II. They produced documents to back their stance.

However, funny things started happening when Ga Traditional Council rose against the grabbing of Ga lands by government officials. The office of the president felt the Ga Mantse should be changed to its favourite so they can continue to seize lands for their private use. He said there was only one person who could say or sign that King Adama Latteh II was not the rightful Ga Mantse and that person is Gbese Manste. Kelvin said the office of the president has been pressurising this man to change things but he has stood his grounds till date.

Kelvin played an audio suspected to be Mr. Lord Commey, director of operations at the office of the president encouraging someone to help convince Gbese Manste to change the current Ga Mantse. He allegedly told the person on phone that, once the man signs that King Adama Latteh II is no longer the Ga Mantse, the much the ousted man will do will be to go to court. Lord Commey assured the person that the president controlled the court and will make it decide in his favour.

Kelvin ended by calling on all Gas to rise up against this coup d'etat because it was a plan to seize Ga lands. He also challenged anyone with documents to disproof his claims to bring them out.

Open the attached link to listen to the conversation of Lord Commey and the other.

To watch the program, click on the link below

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