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Dagombas Have to be Careful of Politicians Who Engage in Tribal Politics

Allah Almighty in HIS infinite wisdom created man into tribes and nations for the sole purpose of identification. We owe it a duty to defend our tribal or ethnic Identity. But not to the extent of crashing the heads of different ethnic groupings. History tells us that as Northerners, we are stronger together and what unites us is bigger than what should divide us.

Our common enemy as northerners is abject poverty, diseases, underdevelopment, etc. We must all rise to fight this life threatening enemy. Whether a Dagbana, Gonja, Konkomba, Mamprugsi, Wala, Dagarti or Frafra, our common enemy is poverty, diseases, underdevelopment etc. Regardless of our political opinion, we need to work together.

However, I am saddened by attempts by some people who ought to know better to attempt to push an ethnic agenda in the politics of the northern region. To make it look as if some ethnic groups hate Dagbong and DAGOMBAS is quite unfortunate. Those pushing this agenda must stop. 

They themselves are enemies of Dagbon and not those they accuse. It took the benevolence of Hon Ablakwa and Dr Bawumia, both non Dagombas to pay the admission, hostel and other related fees for a poor Dagomba girl who had admission to read medicine at UDS. This poor girl was selling pure water on the streets of Tamale to raise her medical school fees. 

When the Dagbon Traditional Council met in Tamale to raise an objection regarding the issue of adding Cheriponi to the Northeast Region, all the MPs in Dagbong except Hon Jebanitil failed to attend. None of the Dagomba MPs from both NDC and NPP saw it necessary to attend the meeting even though they were invited.There is Gonjaland youth association, Konkomba youth association, Mamprugu youth association etc. Where is DAYA?

When was the last time our Dagomba MPs met to discuss the interest of Dagbon? I ask, when? Both NDC and NPP Dagombas. It's unfortunate that when these greedy politicians realise that they are about meeting their 'meter' , Tribal politics becomes their safe haven. No way. We won't agree. We have had enough.

Hardi Pagazaa

Concern Dagbana



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Allah Almighty Dagbana Gonja Konkomba Mamprugsi


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