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Opinion: Should we continue to entertain political lies?

It is high time we do away with political lies. Political lies has become one of the habit possess by many politicians. Lying is marked by untrue statement(Merriam Webster Dictionary).

Many politicians have the habit of lying to their people in order to gain political favour. They think lying is the only solution for them to win elections.

But do we have to be dying because of Political lairs?, This is the right time we the ordinary must also sit up. This is the time to show them our powers. We have been deceived enough to showcase our attitudes towards them.

Politicians use and abuse figures and fabricate things just to win the heart of the electorates. They do all sorts of stuffs to gain political power. But what did they do at long last. The begin to mass state resources to build their families. They satisfied their immediate families better education, scholarship and others.

The stand to give empty promises to ordinary Ghanaians but cannot fulfill one. Are we looking for this kind of system?.

This has killed our political system and the true reflection of our image as a country that has gone along way to hinder development.

Their dishonesty is now going to work against them. We should be vigilant to prove to them that their lies will not go far for them any more. We should be capable of unearthing their attitudes and speeches not to allow them into the political seats.

We should not put our fingers crossed and allow the system to go rotten.

Freedom is for all but that does not guarantee politicians to give unfulfilling promises and go scout free. Be much concern not to entertain lies from politicians.

Thanks for reading.

Douglas Bikicha Komodo

Content created and supplied by: bddouglas (via Opera News )

Ghanaians Merriam Webster Dictionary


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