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See Why Jehovah Witnesses Are No Longer Knocking At Your Gate Recently To Preach

Have you seen that for certain months now, individuals from the Jehovah's Witnesses, at this point don't go to their Kingdom Hall Meetings, subsequently, they at this point don't thump at your door to lecture the uplifting news to you. 

In a real sense, they have additionally halted their entryway - to - entryway and gathering evangelism where they share uplifting news about God's realm. 

A week ago, a Nigerian shared his experience after he requested one from his neighbors who is a pleased individual from the organization why he not, at this point go out for field administration as they allude to evangelism, and why their realm lobbies have been closed for certain months now. 

Nonetheless, he said after his companion consoled him that everything was well, yet further uncovered that they quit going to Kingdom Hall Meetings and house - to - house evangelism because of COVID - 19 pandemic and concerns. 

He continued saying that his companion uncovered that they currently lead their gatherings in gatherings at private homes, while they presently direct other huge Christian gatherings and evangelism by means of zoom and other on the web and online media locales. 

The youthful Nigerian said that In an offer to affirm what his companion advised him, he needed to check on the web and affirmed that his assertion was valid. 

Consequently during check, he found that to forestall the spread of COVID - 19, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses in March this year declared the closing down of their realm Halls to guarantee the security of others. 

A letter from the congregation tending to COVID-19 episode 

It should be noticed that Jehovah's Witness' exercises, for example, portable truck seeing and entryway - to - entryway service were additionally suspended internationally since March and this is the motivation behind why you have not been seeing them as of late thumping at your door to lecture you. 

Everything is in a real sense now virtual until the COVID - 19 pandemic that has executed millions around the globe is prevailed. 

Jehovah's Witnesses presently turns into the solitary Christian division to have their week by week open gatherings through video and real time conferencing since March, and had closed all their Kingdom Halls. 

With this choice, it is currently accepted that Jehovah's Witnesses have demonstrated incredible responsibility and boldness towards battling COVID - 19, and furthermore have demonstrated that they are law - standing, and are qualified to be regarded. 

The inquiry is, Is there any congregation in Nigeria that can recreate the Jehovah's observers? Is there a congregation as of now that doesn't depend on its offerings a contributions, and can bear to close down since March like the Jehovah's observers? 

What's your assessment? How about we get with you. Don't likewise neglect to follow this channel for all the more energizing articles.

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