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You Fly Around The World Needlessly And Comes Home With Nothing - Peter Toobu Tells The Presidency

As expected, the members of the NPP are vigorously defending the government plans to purchase a new presidential jet whereas, the NDC are vehemently opposed to the idea of buying a new presidential jet, citing various reasons.

The Member of Parliament for the Wa West constituency, Peter Lanchene toobu, has rubbished the government's plans to purchase a new presidential jet. According to him, the president has been flying around the world needlessly and comes home with nothing, so we shouldn't waste our resources on a new presidential jet.

Peter Lanchene toobu made this statement on 'THE BIG ISSUE' on CITI television when he gave his opinion on the government's plans to purchase a new presidential jet.

According to Peter Lanchene toobu, in a time when the country doesn't seem to have a direction when you talk about acquiring a new presidential jet, it looks like an insult to the intelligence of Ghanaians.

He indicated that It's isn't that a presidential jet is not a necessity, or else he is not sure we would have had some in the past, but the purpose for which the falcon 900 presidential jet was bought has changed under President Akufo Addo, and he is defining a new purpose for Ghanaians, and he needs a new jet to suit that purpose.

Peter Lanchene toobu revealed that as a member of the defense and interior committee, he wants to believe that this presidential jet issue will finally land on their tables, and they will look at it.

"I always believe in people justifying things. It is not about coming to tell me that we need about 500 million dollars to go and buy a brand new presidential jet which is fit for purpose. What is that purpose? Sometimes we fly around the world needlessly and come home with nothing."

He said that when you have a hungry man, everything about food is a priority, but the question is how do you get that food? So, the fact that we need a new presidential jet doesn't mean that we should kill ourselves for it.

Peter Lanchene toobu added that as he speaks, the level of desperation and anger in the system is high, so when they are talking about a new presidential jet, they can raise all justifications, but many are the people who will fail to see the need to approve it.


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