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First Lady's Decision Exposes and Shames the Presidency

The First Lady ability to make her accumulated allowances available on a more timely base suggests that she was not in need of such monies. It implies she has enough and that such monies were being accumulated for her grandchildren yet unborn. As long as a poor or needy person could not have afforded to get back the monies paid her for over 4years, meant that our first ladies never deserve allowances because they are already better of and can live meaningful lives without them as espoused by some authors. All those who kicked against their allowances and salaries have been justified by her decision to return all the emoluments paid her. A needy person would have had it pretty difficult if not impossible to pay that immediately! How many of us can afford to return the salaries we have been taking for even a year? How many? 

How could a needy person like the ordinary salaried worker who struggles to make ends meet before the months ends have been able to do that? Per the first lady's action or decision, it has exposed the fact that the presidency's decision to pay them was not anchored on sound reasoning, it is unnecessary, a hypocrisy, misplaced priority and unjustified!

The president should bow his head in shame!

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