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Why can't salaries be increased when 20 billion cedis could be stolen between 2017 and 2019?

It is very sad how we treat ourselves as Ghananians as few privileged individuals think the country is theirs and loot the nation at the detriment of the poor and the vulnerable in society.

But seriously,there is no one to speak on behalf of the commoner who struggles to put food on the table for their family talk less of having any decent accomodation.

The recent audit report reveals that,an amount of 20billion cedis was stolen from state coffers from the year 2017 to 2019.

This is particularly very strange when this government came into office at the backdrop of labelling the then NDC president John Dramani Mahama administration as incompetent and corrupt.

The corruption allegations against the former president sank into the the minds of most Ghanaians to the extent that,he was demonised and called names and this made most Ghananians developed intensed hatred for him.

Unfortunately,since this government came into office,it has been one corruption allegation after another but sadly nothing substantial and positive comes out from investigations that are launched into such allegations.

Upon all the monies that have been stolen in a matter of this few years of the current administration in power, public sector workers have not seen any significant increment in their salaries for the past four and have just been asked not to expect any significant increment in their salaries for the next four years.

It is quite clear that,when workers get increment in their salaries,their purchasing powers increases and this cascades down the value chain.

Very sad the ordinary Ghananian lacks basic amenities which cost few thousands of cedis but they are denied and these politicians have the opportunity to loot millions from the state to enrich themselves and their families.

This is particularly very sad development when it comes to the same socio-economic development of the country since when the government pretends to pay its public workers,most definitely they will also pretend to be working.

This development is common to almost all African countries where leaders loot the state resources at the mercy of their poor citizens.

As a result of this canker , innocent souls perish on daily basis as they embark on the perilous journey of crossing the Sahara desert and the miditerenean sea to Europe to seek greener pastures.

This saddest part of this whole situation is that ,the continent is endowed with the necessary resources to promote massive economic growth and development.

It is high time we come together as Ghananians and form a third force so that this NPP and NDC monopoly in the governance of the state can be broken..

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