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Isn't President Mahama sabotaging democracy?

Why has ex-President Mahama's ostensibly thank-you tour devolved into a covert mission against the democracy we've achieved since 1992? Attach importance to what he says during the trip.

“Clearly, the elections were rigged.” “In numerous constituencies, voting papers were overstuffed.” “Soldiers were despatched with the intent of murdering civilians and suppressing the right to vote.”

These are only a some of the points made by President Mahama during his tour. Because it sounded horrific, Do or Die drew everyone's focus. However, if you read the fine print, you'll notice a nefarious plot to undermine public faith in the democracy we're running.

Furthermore, John Mahama has every right to retain his beliefs, no matter how skewed they may be. When he consistently denigrates the state institutions that underpin our democracy, on the other hand, he has his knives out to severely wound that system of government.

The ex-President, paradoxically, refers to himself as a democrat. A Democrat who has opted to tamper with the basic institutions that allow democracy to function?

Were we not in this country when Mahama stated that the 2020 election had been rigged?

Were we not in this country when the National Democratic Congress (NDC) claimed to have a mountain of proof to back up their allegations of vote rigging?

Were we also not in this country when the NDC's General Secretary admitted under oath that the Electoral Commission's (EC) tabulated votes accurately represented the election's genuine outcome?

Was the NDC able to produce an alternative figure for their own collation? What does President Mahama hope to achieve by continuing to spread the lie that the elections were rigged?

What else is he looking for but to pierce the heart of democracy with a spear? The harsh reality is that Mahama's subversive democratic claims are completely false. What do you think? The results of the 2020 election were collated and overseen by more than 70,000 NDC agents.

The elections were held in at least 33,000 polling places, according to the EC. At least two NDC polling agents were present at each polling site. That equates to almost 66,000 polling agents. When you add in a slew of partygoers, you've got a recipe for disaster.

Moreover is it not absurd to say that your failure to win was due to your failure to be vigilant at the polling station and the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) government's subsequent manipulation of state institutions?

President Mahama told African students at the University of Oxford in May 2019 that democracy was the best form of administration for Africa because the continent's democratic spring has improved many markets and people's living standards.

He claimed of Ghana, "Ghana has made more progress from 1992 to the present than at any other period in our history." The market has gotten greater, people's lives have been better, and life expectancy has gotten better.

” He went on to say that in order for democracy to operate, we must all work toward it and be steadfastly devoted to its values. a quick query: Is President Mahama's commitment to democracy resulting in the demise of independent state institutions such as the EC and the judiciary? The former President's ultimate goal is to keep claiming that the 2020 election was rigged against him. Really?

The EC Chair and the other officials were all doing the government's agenda, so the elections were rigged against him. Really?

The state also influenced the Chief Justice and the entire Supreme Court in order to steal the people's verdict. I give up on the third count.

Either he likes it or not may John Mahama realize that Ghana is all we have. All we have is democracy. All we have are the institutions that rule us.

Running them down is comparable to assassinating democracy, the same system that propelled him from a desk clerk at the Japanese Embassy in Ghana to Deputy Minister, Member of Parliament, Minister of State, Vice President, and eventually President.

It may be unpleasant to lose an election, but seeking outside of your own organization for answers simply creates impunity for your own missteps and misinformation.

It may be unpleasant to lose an election, but seeking outside of your own organization for answers simply creates impunity for your own missteps and misinformation.

Ghana has made a huge investment in democracy, and former President Mahama should not try to destroy it.

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