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[Meet]: The Youngest Female Commercial Pilot In Ghana Audrey Maame Esi Swatson; +photo

Audrey Maame Esi Swatson was born on February 23, 1997, in that case, a product of the University of Ghana basic school, Ghana Christian high school was her secondary school she completed. Mach1 Aviation became the youngest female pilot in Ghana at the age of twenty-one.

However, this has never happened before in Ghana. She has become the first female who has made the nation proud despite her age. She has also lifted the name of Ghana very higher.

Now Audrey Maame Esi Swatson flies aircraft to other countries that are so amazing and beautiful to see such a young lady flying an airplane.

However, she first went to the Mach1 Aviation Academy in South Africa when she was eighteen years of age for her first training. At age nineteen she had her first solo flight with Mach1 Aviation Academy and went to obtain her commercial pilot license at age twenty-one.

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