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Comments Flow As Gyampo Declares That Article 71 Needs To Be Scrapped.

We need to SCRAP article 71 else there can be a revolution by public sector workers against art 71 office holders -Prof Gyampo on UTV now.

Read comments after the host of critical issues post on her Facebook wall;

How about the Public universities Vice Chancellors. Theirs is nauseating.Some take home the latest Mercedes plus a V8 at zero cost to them. At the start of their tenure some universities spend USD 200,000 on these vehicles subject them to depreciation of 20%. In 5 yrs time when they leave value in their books is zero. As for the MPs they even payback the loan

I totally agree with him, pay the wives of president and his wife is very nonsensical. Akuffo Addo has failed totally. 

One day one day we'll surely fight back. The consequences won't be pleasant at all. The cheating in this country is just too much. That useless document of a constitution is holding back our progress.

This constitution was made for Rawlings ooo. Thank God he is gone. can we have something fresh.

Should we 1 day have a president with 3 or 4 wives, does it mean they state ll pay them all should this pay for for 1st and 2nd ladies issue be approved?

Our politicians will not do that let's pray for the overthrown of the Constitution so as to draw a better workable constitution

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