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86% Of Ghanaians Claim "GHANA IS LUCKY TO HAVE ME AS PRESIDENT" Saying Is False : Johnnie's Poll Suggests

All over the world, polls are conducted by credible individuals and organizations to ascertain the impressions of the masses about certain policies of the government voted into power. 

This is usually done by sampling people's views and it is carried out by electoral observers or pundits meticulously and the results are mostly without a doubt.

Even though this research sometimes misses the mark, it is mostly adhered to by politicians on how to strategize to win elections.

Johnnie Huges as a journalist in his editorial this morning hinted at a 'little' poll he conducted on his social media account. Before that the gentleman who appeared on the screen wearing white attire, solemnly prayed and recited chapters from the books of the two main religions:Christianity and Islam.

He revealed the polls conducted on his Twitter account posed the question "THE PRESIDENT SAYS GHANA IS LUCKY TO HAVE ME: IS IT TRUE OR FALSE." Several people did participate by voting for either truth or false.

Surprisingly, 86% of votes indicated that the assertions are false while only 14% believe that is true. The morning posited that if this poll is anything to go by, the President has failed and admonished those closer to him to bring his attention to this.

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