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Hon. Alhassan Suhuyini gave a detailed explanation of ex gratia and lauded Togbe Afede XIV.

In a discussion on new day, Tv3 morning show, host Johnnie Hughes gave Honourable Alhassan Suhuyini a chance to share his thought on Togbe Afede's ex gratia refund. Before Hon. Alhassan's thoughts, Johnnie Hughes pushed him to unveil how much ex gratia he, has received as a member of Parliament which he declined to do, saying, if he should do that, he would reveal an information which concerns all other members of the last Parliament, which he is not authorized to do.

Before he spoke to the main issue (Togbe Afede's ex gratia refund), Hon Suhuyini took the opportunity to first of all educate viewers on what ex gratia is. He made it clear that, ex gratia is simply the payment of accumulated differences in the salaries of article 71 office holders due to the inability of the President to form a committee to determine the salaries of these office holders on time as enshrined in the constitution, hence the need for them to continue taking the same salary their predecessors took. He explained further that,when their salary is finally determined, the arrears are computed and paid to them as lump sums which is the ex gratia.

" but what really is ex gratia in the contest of the news reports? What is ex gratia?. Now Johnnie, today, as a member of the 8th Parliament of Ghana, I am receiving salary, Davis is receiving salary of the 7th Parliament".Hon Alhassan said.

According to him, it is incumbent on every President to form a committee to determine the salaries of these article 71 office holders at the beginning of their tenure, however, over the years, such committee is lately formed and their salaries are therefore determined very late; a reason they don't take their actual salaries when they are in office and the need for a balance at the end of their tenure.

In his submission, he said"We together came up with this constitution and we said that, the salaries of some officers should be determined by a President, forming a committee. I did not propose it, it's in the constitution that the President should form a committee at the beginning of his tenure to determine the salaries of sitting officers".

"Over the years, we have allowed our Presidents to do it as and when they like, especially when they are exiting office. Until it is done, people occupy the offices and they have to take salaries" He added.

"So when the committee is finally set up by the president and then they determine that, you should have been taking 600 Ghana when you were taking 500 Ghana, then they say that, for the number o years you have not taken 600 Ghana, the balance of 100 Ghana times the number of years that you have served is now appropriated and given to you" Hon. Suhuyini further explained.

He suggested that, the only way to lessen the effect of ex gratia is to force the President to form the emolument committee immediately they assume office so that they are not paid lump sums as ex gratia after the expiry of their tenure.

Honourable however lauded Togbe Afede for his decision to refund his ex gratia as a former member of Council of State

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