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NPP Fans Are Angry With Mahama's Comment on Backdated Salary and Vents Anger on Lordina on Twitter

In a viral show of disagreement with the proposed backdated salaries for Rebecca Akuffo-Addo and Samira Bawumia, the former President, John Dramani Mahama, had written that:

"Since this convention was established by the Rawlings administration, issues in respect of allowances of the spouses of the President and Vice President and spouses of former Presidents and Heads of State have largely been handled administratively and provided for under the budget of the Office of the President."

Concluding among other things that, "Finally, it has also been indicated that the First and Second Ladies have been receiving allowances from 2017 to date. Should the Government choose to ignore the cries of the citizenry, as seems to be the pattern of the day, steps must then be taken to ensure that the Committee’s recommendations are not retroactively applied, leading to double payments."

Like a Prophet, the wives of the President and Vice, have since "refunded the allowances received since 2017" and also rejected the added salaries, and sine this news, it is worth analyzing that NPP social media "robots" have been angered by this and are rather venting their anger on his wife, whom they say, should also refund allowances accepted.

But it is worth noting that, the NDC social media robots, also insist that, why are the NPP people, not asking the wives of President Kufuor and the late Aliu Mahama, to do same?

Well, social media is filled with the calls to her wife, Lordina Mahama and some of these include the following:

@KrypsonP writes "Hope Lordina Mahama can refund hers too..."

@MrsGhana1 writes "As adey refund my allowance yi I want Lordina Mahama to refund her allowance too from 2012"

@OfficialNDCGH_ writes "Dear Mrs. Lordina Mahama, We appreciate your efforts for the party and the country. However, we entreat you to follow the steps of the First lady and refund the allowances. That is the surest way we can regain the trust of Ghanaians. Thank You. #FixTheCountry

@kwameforson14 writes "Lordina Mahama should also come and refund hers. She should follow the current First Lady Mama Becky"

@MPKwarteng_ writes "Mrs. Lordina Mahama is not refunding a dime. She received salary not allowance. 50gh nu ego finish."

@mandelajunior93 writes "Naadu Mills and Lordina Mahama we are waiting"

@AnnanPerry writes "If Lordina Mahama releases statement, is it the duty of Npp to share? Mona mo bl3"

@kwameforson14 writes "First Lady Lordina Mahama got GHC 3.2 Million as allowances in 4 years. Going forward, our current First Lady Mama Becky has received Gh C 899,097.84 for a period of 4 and half years. So the question is, how much was Mahama paying paying to his allowance?"

@MPKwarteng_ writes "If all past first/second ladies are to refund their due allowances as received at their time, then it should start from Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, [Mrs. Theresa Kufuor, Ernestina Naadu Mills] to Lordina Mahama. Mrs. Ramatu Aliu Mahama & Matilda Amissah-Arthur will then follow."

@AbantonSir writes "My brother's wife and former first lady, Lordina Mahama enjoyed stipends throughout as 2nd lady and first lady respectively. It's not new. It is undergoing normalization process."

@NanaYhaw_ writes "The Allawa de3 they all chop past a decade now ooo. From Liman wife to Rawllings wife to Kuffuor wife to Rawlings wife to Lordina Mahama and now to Rebecca Akuffo Addo"

@kojowiafe334 writes "Lordina Mahama for do sharp and bring ihn own"

This fast trending topic, may have been largely and officially initiated by the NPP's Youth Organizer, who in a post on his Facebook page, had written that:


First lady Madam Rebecca Akufo-Addo has decided to refund GHS 899,097.84 since she became the first lady of the Republic. By this singular act of patriotism, I therefore challenge Madam Lordina Mahama, former first lady of the Republic to also refund the GHS 3,272,256 to the state which is an accumulation of almost 13 years of being a first lady and a former first lady with immediate effect.

If this is not done the youth of this country will protest and revolt.#BRINGBACKOUR3.2MILLION," he wrote, with this picture below attached.

Fast forward, the Daily Guide, have also published the salaries earned by former President John Mahama, former vice president Amissah Arthur and their spouses, as a finance ministry document showed the amounts earned by Mr Mahama, his late vice and their wives.

Mr Mahama was Ghc 15,972 in 2012; Ghc 22,464 in 2013, Ghc 24,710 in 2014, Ghc 27,181 in 2015 and Ghc 29,899 in 2016 and Mr Amissah Arthur earned Ghc 14,375 monthly in 2012 as salary; Ghc 20,218 in 2013; Ghc 22,239 in 2014, Ghc 24,463 in 2015 and Ghc 26,909 in 2016.

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