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Awesome:Doumbouya Gifts Former First Lady A Brand New Land Cruiser;Sekouh Toureh Was Nkrumah Friend

Many have been empowered to consider our aged parents and grandparents suffering from age-related diseases as senile and a “threat to society”. Meanwhile, it's written elsewhere: ‘Honor thy Father and thy Mother so that thy days may be long on the earth. To analyze the above quote doesn't mean the needed respect must be accorded only to our biological parents but to anyone old enough to give birth to us.

Doumbouya is bent on doing the right things to steer the country in the right direction, unlike his predecessors who ruled with an iron fist. The soldier has taken it upon himself to honor those on whose shoulders he stood to be who he is and even though some of them are no longer alive, he has honored their memory.

The wife of the founding father of Guinea, Hadjia Andree Toure has been presented with a brand new land cruiser V8 at her residence. Earlier the interim president of the transition sought the blessings of the former first lady when he took over the reins of power and the lady took that opportunity to advise him.

Currently, the widow is old and the vehicle will aid in her movement. This kind gesture is a laudable initiative and the deceased former head of state will be proud wherever he is.

It is on record that Ahmed Sekouh Toure was a very good friend of Ghana's first president Kwame Nkrumah and at a point made him the co-president when he was overthrown.

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