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What is Memo 618 That The Rich And Powerful People Used It to Escape Federal Punishment?

Well, Memo 618 is kind of a secret code used by some rich and powerful people to escape from Judicial Rulings and today this article will be revealing the secret from the television series “The Good Fight”.

The fourth season of the TV series ended abruptly because of the pandemic and left the question “what is Memo 618” unanswered. But the mystery is explained here.

Memo 618 is none other than a metaphor for how governments manipulate justice in favor of the powerful and rich people. Money from taxes is applied to corruption, justice is manipulated, and the dirty secrets of politics are shelved.

All of us, at least once in our life, and often as a group of citizens, have been victims of a Memo 618 in some way we never understood.

Memo 618 may not be the actual code used in real life but we as an individual and as a group of a citizen can attest to the fact how several cases have been shelved by the government without any explanation given. 

Memo 618 might be a code used in a movie but somehow movies are sometimes based on real stories and Memo 618 might be real but in a different language.

How can we defend ourselves? Simple, by creating our economic independence, planning our life and affairs in a way that will not mix up with the rich and powerful people because these people are bound by a protective code and no matter the depth of your case, it's likely to be shelved in favor of these people like several cases we have witnessed and the truth never came out.

Stay out of trouble and live a happy life.

Source: TV Series - The Good Fight

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