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God is not a political God, and God is not to be mocked

As we all know people have now speaking on the internet, some claims that they have be to the Havens others too claims of seeing huge prophecies some also says God have been speakings with them and all this things have made people now posting AGD videos and audio as their status, stories and many more this also made as to let people knows what is in this young preacher, multivator, adviser etc.

One young preacher AGD Gregory, had just given out some words that the Bible says that " You have been made priest on the nation" He continue saying that this indicate that, we are all priest so we should not wait for someone to pray for us before we lives..

The Bible also says that the young shall see, dream and speak in the spirit. So this also means the young are all prophets.

"The prayers of the saints does everything, and so we you keep yourself clean, we you pray God will help you too"

Again he said God is not a political God, and God is not to be mocked"

He said all this on his Facebook page. THE TRUTH OF THE WORD/ ONYAME ASEM NOKORE.

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Gregory Havens


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