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Just In: Four Major Things Ghanaians Expect From Otumfuo Osei Tutu II

Recently, it seems Ghanaians have been very critical on leaders of the country for things that are not going right. More disturbing is how some people have decided to resort to the use of insulting words on authorities.

The Asantehene, Otumfour Osei Tutu II has also not been spared by the critics of Ghanaian leaders. Although the Ashanti King, who occupies the Golden Stool is supposed to be the King of the Ashanti Kingdom which spans across the Ashanti, parts of Bono, Ahafo, Western, Eastern, Volta regions, his impact is usually felt by every Ghanaian in any part of the country.

Therefore, almost all Ghanaians have raised their voices to speak about the reign of Otumfour and what they expect him to do. From the way Ghanaians are blaming the Asantehene for the hardships in the country and the lack of infrastructure in the Ashanti region, it can be seen that Ghanaians are expecting the Otumfour to do the following major things.

1. Otumfour should levy the people in his Kingdom himself and use it for development.

2. Otumfour should build his own roads, interchanges, factories, hospitals, etc in Kumasi and other parts of his Kingdom. He should therefore take taxes from the people for this purpose.

3. Otumfour should exercise total control over the gold, timber, manganese, bauxite, forests, lands, as well as the humans resources in his domain.

4. Otumfour should exercise his authority against politicians who don't do the right thing.

As powerful as the King is, and as he is the monarch of such a great Kingdom like Asante, Ghanaians want him to disregard what the constitution says and take charge of his empire.

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