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No salary for public sector workers. These are some bad effect on the rejection of the 2022 budget.

Yes, you may think the MPs have taken a good decision by rejecting the 2022 budget but there are a lot of people rendering services to us which are affected. It's true there are some things that do not favor the ordinary Ghanaian but what about the benefits that may have come from it. Now that parliament has rejected the budget on behalf of Ghanaians, let's analyse some bad effect that may bring on Ghanaians. Share your views in the comment box beneath and follow up for more interesting updates.

It was presented by the finance minister as the constitution of our dear country demands few days ago and parliament on some occasions discussed about it. Not only parliamentarians but Ghanaians have been discussing about this budget since the finance minister read it before the legislative arm of government. One of the things in the budget that were opposed by Ghanaians was the e-levy which would have tax all money transactions which will be made electronically especially mobile money. Ghanaians prayed that the NDC MPs should vote against the budget because of the e-levy and cessation of toll booth money collection.

Today, the majority walked out parliament die to some unnecessary reason and at the end, the 2022 budget which the government defines it as Agyenkwa Budget has been quashed by parliament. Now that it's no more, let see some effect it may bring on us.

# The first one to talk about is there will be no salary for public sector workers because the State will give no money to the government to pay her workers.

# Teacher training, nursing training and NABCO allowances will be seized because the government will lack the funds to pay them.

# Free SHS will face some challenges which will worsen the education system of the country.

# Developmental projects which the government plans to do will not see a daylight because there's no approval for them.

There are a lot of effect that will accrue to the problems of the country. You can add your and correct me in the comment section beneath. Share and follow for more. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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