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Bawumia losing the plot to become Ghana’s next President?

And so it came to pass that the Vice President of the Republic, attributed the poor state of the country’s economy and the general malaise that has hit the country to satanic principalities and demonic onslaughts.

As usual, the Bawumia “sermon” has become the focal point of the national conversation. In a country, where there are varied degrees of faith that people ascribe to, it sounds preposterous to some Ghanaians that such top government official, will ascribe issues of the spirit realm to be the causes of problems affecting the physical world.

Indeed, the Bible which is the “text book” of Christians describes Satan’s principalities and powers as beings that wield power in the unseen realms with the hatred to oppose everything and everyone that belongs to the Lord or God.

Christians will further go on to say, the only way that the believer (Christians) can ward off Satan’s attacks is to go back to who they already are in Christ. In other words, resort to God, your maker and his Son, Jesus Christ and the demon will flee.

There are levels of demons or the presence of demonic activities and biblical scholars believe, demons are beings that are real and can even manifest in the physical realm; with the primary aim to kill, injure, worry, destroy, harass, irritate, confuse, frustrate and bother humans. This is to get back at God for kicking the devil out of Heaven (Luke 10:18) and sealing his fate to hell and then transference into the lake of fire.

The Bible however prescribes a solution, stating that as Christians, there’s the need to pray, fast and “guard our eyes, ears and other senses from wickedness. Christians should heed to the word and stay prayed up”.  

There are therefore solutions prescribed by the Bible to deal with such demonic and principalities attacks. Dr. Bawumia, might be a Muslim, but the fact that he alluded Ghana’s problems to characters of the unseen realm means he believes in such doctrines.

Or is it the case that his Muslim faith also ascribes to the diabolic and wicked world of the unseen forces? Should that be case, then the learned scholar should know the solution does not lie in public rhetoric, but dealing with it head-on in the spiritual realm.

That is, falling on the Qu’ran just as Christians will do so with the Bible for solution. The issue then becomes “what about the none believers of neither the Bible nor the Qu’ran”? What Supreme Being will they fall on for answers to issues or problems confronting them from the spiritual realm?

There are many people who are neither Christians, Muslims, Budhists nor Traditional Worshippers. They are free-thinkers and realists who confront worldly issues using the circumstances of the day, they solution precedent set and best practices elsewhere. Interestingly, it’s the latter that seem to be enjoying prosperity.

Many of the developed countries are neither being dominated by Christians nor Muslims; in fact, some even do not believe in the existence of God, but are almost always progressing because of their realistic approach to issues.

It doesn’t also suggest that there is no God. God in his infinite wisdom has given us innate wisdom and knowledge to help us govern and shape our lives to the very maximum level that we wish for ourselves. And He expects us to do so.

Every faith has its own principles. In the Christian realm, there is reward for tithing; for giving; for sharing; for praying and although Christians leaders will tell you all these are good, they will also let you know that they don’t guarantee Heaven.

In the same way there’s reward for compassionate leadership, vigilante leadership, non- partisan leadership, corruption combating leadership, all embracing leadership, non- nepotistic leadership. These are all traits embedded in us by our Creator.

So someone can decide to abide by the later traits and be filthy rich or a country with such imbibed mindset will grow at an amazing level, although they may not be worshippers of God or Allah. They simply executed or exploited that which God or Allah gave them to develop and grow.  It has nothing to do with divinity or matters of demonic spiritual realm.

The physical manifestation of demons and principalities within

Perhaps, Dr. Bawumia should appreciate the fact that the principalities he is alluding to are physical beings operating in his own government, because certain ungodly acts of humans can also be described as demonic doings of earthly principalities.

Let’s try recounting some of these “demons”. There are countless scandals recorded in this administration; yet no one has been made to pay the price. Instead, the perpetrators are cleared of any wrong-ding. The clearance by His Excellency, the President, has earned him the alias “Mr. Clearance”.

It might sound humorous and comical; but it’s a factual reality that has bugged and continues to hurt the administration and Ghanaians. There is all this fuss about the Vice President’s digitization of the economy model. Has Dr. Bawumia bothered to find out how corruption is being institutionalized at the country’s Ports, the Immigration Service, Customs Excise & Preventive Service, the DVLA, Passport Office and the Assemblies? These are the demons and the principalities attacking the government.

The Auditor General Report always talk about over-spending at the presidency and other Ministries, Departments and Agencies. The spending increases in astronomical proportions every year without attempt to cut it down. That is certainly a demon that we need to exorcise, if we want to grow.

Same way, if our leaders will be modest to travel in commercial flight at the expense of hired foreign jets, refuse to travel with entourage that are mainly private people, the quantum of money involved in such travels could be used to fix a part of the ailing Ghanaian economy. That is the demon that should bother Dr. Bawumia.

If you decide to deal ruthlessly with institutions without recourse to details of their transactions with entities and individuals, the result will be a crack-disintegration of the foundations of the economy. This is in reference to the Financial sector reforms. The political witch-hunt approach to the clean-up is the demon that has attacked the Ghanaian economy since day one of the exercise.

The day the President and his Vice stop travelling with fleet of vehicles, all drawing fuel for free, the demon in that sector will flee. Also, If the President will be bold enough to consolidate salaries of public sector workers to cut wastes in the public purse, the demon in that area of our governance structure will desert us.

Clearly, Dr. Bawumia is behaving like that Ghanaian pastor who exploits peoples’ ignorance and faith by misinterpreting quotations in the Bible to suit their agenda. The Vice President ought to get out of such opiate doctrine and face the reality why his government is failing woefully.

Otherwise he would be scripting his “presidential obituary” even before the NPP presidential nominations start. Already, his presidential ambition is jolted heavily by this sermon, and would need to go to the drawing board to find out how he could right his ignominious mistake. 

Content created and supplied by: RKeelson (via Opera News )

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