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Flashback Video: Remember ''Who Say Tweaa '' DCE?

Many people's faces have always been brightened by social media. A video involving a District Chief Executive and a man who could never be named went viral like wildfire a few years ago. The District Chief Executive was a special guest of honor in the popular hilarious video, speaking to the crowd about his accomplishments since taking office.

"I've been given the opportunity to speak to the public." You are a nothing because no one is paying attention to you, but they are paying attention to me because I have a platform to speak on."

After many this claim, his speech infuriated someone who did not agree with the DCE. In a response to the District Chief Executive, he said ''Tweaa'' meaning what the DCE was saying was not true.

This made the DCE very angry. He paused his speech and said '' who say tweaa, herh! are you my coequal''

 He discontinued his speech and left the program out of anger after attempts to calm him down by other dignitaries failed. It's been a long time we heard about him. Could he still be in politics?

Who say tweaas video link

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