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Freedom House Chapel Building Collapse At Madina

Freedom House Chapel Building collapse at madina Social near friends of Little once school( 3) worker's are in critical condition.

A church building which is under construction is said to have collapsed in the late hours of yesterday at madina around the social welfare department area.

The name of the church given is Freedom Chapel.

An eye witness accounts states that workers constructing this building have been doing a shoddy work since the inception of the foundation of this building till the level it has reached. 

He explains that, work on this building is mostly done at night with the use of weak building materials which he believed caused the collapse of it.

According to him, in an attempt to do another mortar concreting yesterday by the masons, the building collapsed leaving 2 in critical condition but leaders of the church are trying to cover up what happened yesterday.

Authorities must question Freedom House Chapel to know how they got the permit to construct the building and why work is done at night but not day time.

Credit to K.B Nyarko

Content created and supplied by: iamEdrino (via Opera News )

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