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Naa Jeringa defense wall of Nalerigu

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 Naa Jeringa (Naa Jɛrinŋa), was a Mamprusi king whose reign spanned from around 1640-1652. His father was Naa Atabiya, who took chieftaincy from Gambaga to Nalerigu (now the regional capital of North East of Ghana).

Naa Jeringa, was blessed by his ancestors with a male child but unfortunately he had impairment on one of his eyes, and any Prince having 'one eye' could not be enskinned as a king in Mamprugu kingdom ( territory of the king).

Naa Jeringa, needed to do something to eulogized his name because after his death his son could not be made a king and that meant the end of his lineage.They were other factors that, garnished the thought such as: wars and wild animals, in that building the wall additional was to protect his subjects against wars and wild animals. 

This wall was built with: gravel,mud, milk, sheabutter, honey, water and others have added that pito was also part of the building materials.

The wall, was built with force labour and any labourer or labourers who complaint of tiredness or ill health was killed and his body was added to building the wall.

The Naa Jeringa wall, was built at the west wing of the community (Nalerigu ) and was estimated to be about 11 feets tall but due to wearing owing to the weather and it age, what has been left is about 6 feets tall.

Part of the wall is located at the left hand side when entering Nalerigu from the Municipal Capital, Gambaga. 

Where the mud was dag and mixed for the building still 'lives' and it is now a dam serving the good people of Nalerigu, which double as the North East regional capital and the Traditional capital of the Mamprugu kingdom.

Anytime, you visit North East region or Nalerigu do not forget to visit the Naa Jeringa wall (The Nalerigu defense wall).

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Gambaga Mamprusi Naa Jeringa Nalerigu


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