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“Fear These Ladies, They Are Dangerous. Don’t Be Decieved By Their Beauty And Size”

The Ghana Armed Forces is one of the most, if not the most disciplined institution in the country. It consistently churns out very fine and adequately prepared personnel to carry out the institution’s constitutional mandate which is mainly to protect the territorial space and integrity of the country, be it land, air or sea.

Within the institution are three main branches– Air-force, Navy and Army

Many people are however much more familiar with the Army because they are the most visible but they all go through literally the same training with minimal difference when it comes to the the physical conditioning. 

Many people admire and fear them in equal measure. Their level of discipline and quest to ensure things are done orderly and properly make a lot of people wobble in their presence. 

They are trained to kill, if the situation demands it, and are called upon when there are security situations which overwhelm other security institutions.

For this reason, they go through a tough and ruthless program of training to ensure that they are in tip-top shape.

Within the military however, there is another division which enforces discipline and order among the service personnel known as the Military Police, often identified by the inscription MP on their arm. To be a ‘Police’ for military personnel means they carry out responsibilities like the police within military circles, including arresting service personnel who go against their standards. One can therefore imagine the level of toughness such people embody.

In the pictures above, there are shots of three very beautiful military ladies who are obviously Military Police. Per their beauty, gender and relatively ‘soft’ physique, one may be tempted to think they can be easy walk-overs. 

Do not be deceived, you do so at your own peril. They can easily incapacitate and even snuff life out of you as smoothly as they look here. Fear them.

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