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Why Do Africans Think Gaddafi Is A Good Man Despite Being A Dictator?

Why do some Africans celebrate, and see Gaddafi as a good man?”

Because he stood up for Africans, he knew Africa was and still is kept deliberately poor by the West. His biggest mistake was challenging that domination and he paid with his life, like so many others before him e.g Patrice Lumumba, Samora Machel and Thomas Sankara. Libya under Gaddafi was “paradise” compared to what's happening now. Cry the beloved country.

“That man was a tyrant and a dictator, who refused to leave power.”

Says who? Who gets to decide who's a tyrant and a dictator? Inquiring minds would like to know. Select faux-outrage much? Mohammed Bin Salman & Co are bombing Yemen like nobody's business. Killing thousands of innocent people in the process and the West looks the other way. So long as the Emiratis & the Saudis keep buying weapons from them and creating “jobs, jobs, jobs”. Even the peace loving/human rights defending Canadians are in on the gravy train. Bush & Blair got away with killing millions of people in Iraq under the false pretence of WMD. But we'll pretend that didn't happen, right?

“Shouldn't Africa be thanking the West for helping remove one of their dictators?“

My apologies on behalf of my fellow Africans for not being thankful that black people are sold like goats, because of the instability the NATO led invasion of Libya caused. My sincerest gratitude to the West that millions more are dying at sea trying to reach Europe because of the aftermath of that war, where farmlands were destroyed and heavily armed militants wrecked havoc on an already unstable and poor region. Thank you so much for liberating us from the cruel evil tyranny of Gaddafi. How can we ever repay you for all that you've done for us?

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