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Fix the Country Hashtag Trending on Twitter with Over 400000 Tweets

Ghanaians have taken to social media to vent their anger at the current happening in the country. A hashtag dubbed #fixthecountry, has risen to the top of trending topics with over 450,000 tweets so far.

The trend which began on Twitter is gradually making way to other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

This year in particular has been very tough for many in the country especially the youth who are now uniting beyond political affiliations to push leaders to rise up to the challenges. #fixthecountry

Currently, the dumsor situation is worsening, as timetables for load shedding have been released. It is surprising that dumsor which was one of the major reasons the previous government was voted out has now monstrously appeared. #fixthecountry

Also, water shortage is not leaving our midst soon. There are so many communities facing this situation. The water bodies from which Ghana Water Company taps water for treatment and further channeling into our homes are in a mess. Dirty and contaminated is less a description for our waters. Soon, the treatment plants will start failing us because of the concentration of dirt in the water. #fixthecountry

The least said about our roads the better. Accident has become the order of the day. This year alone, the number of deaths recorded through accidents in Ghana outnumber corona virus deaths. Potholes, faulty viehicles,...Why can't we have one way roads to prevent heads on collision?#fixthecountry

In fact, the list of the numerous problems in Ghana can't be exhausted. Therefore, the call for the leaders to fix the country is right. Come on board and push the agenda. Ghana is not for any individual or party. It's ours, let's get it fixed. #fixthecountry

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