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4More4Nana or Mahama Afa; Who wins?

Time is nearing towards December 7th, and on that day— Ghana decides. On that day, tensions will be high with every candidate, be it parliamentary or presidential position, yearning to know the outcome of their votes. All ears will be on the radio and eyes glued to TVs. The EC, of course, will be under a lot of pressure for people can't wait to hear the outcome of their votes casted.

But all things being equal, results will be announced before the end of the day. Okay, so now let's get back to today. We all know the election is in December but obviously, you might have already made up your mind on who to vote for. It is either you belong to that particular party or perhaps, their manifestos sealed your decision.

In this article, we delve into some of the campaign promises made by the two major political parties. Thankfully, both parties have read their manifestos and a lot of controversies around it. No time to waste, let's look at some of them and achievements by both parties.

The NDC's John Mahama has promised the legalisation of "okada" if voted into power. As an honest citizen, and not judging from party's perspective, do you agree or disagree? How beneficial will it's legalisation be on the Ghanaian citizen? Shouldn't that power to legalise it be used to do something else? Would you vote for the NDC for that campaign promise?

The president and the NPP are also promising a lot. One major thing they promised is an airport and an harbour in the Central region. My dear Fantes and people in the Central region, do you think this is a good move? What key relevance will these facilities serve? How will the citation of an airport or harbour be of benefit? Would you rather seek a different thing? If yes, what should it be? Do you agree or disagree?

Now comparing their achievements in the past years, who do you think deserves another chance? Is it the NPP or the NDC? They both brag about how well they have served in their tenure in all aspects. But let us not also forget their scandals.

The NDC's Airbus scandal is still a mystery. PDS–ECG scandal, the excavator scandals and currently the Agyapa Royalties deal are all also under the NPP. Who do you think had most scandals in their term of office? Do their scandals determine the level of how corrupt they are? State your answer in the comment section.

In matters of economy, the NPP brags about saving the country's economy but the NDC disagrees. Now it up to you to decide. How was your life during John Mahama's term and how is your life now? Has it been good, still the same or difficult?

There are a lot of things they both brag about. One defeats the other in some aspects but in your own view, who would you vote for? Will you rather not waste your time to vote for any of them or you'll give one of them a second chance? These two parties( NPP and NDC) are like two boys in love with one girl (Ghana's presidential seat) and both of them are giving her promises. She's clueless and doesn't know who exactly to choose. Could you help her make the right choice that would affect her positively in her life?

State your answers in the comment section and don't forget to share and follow.

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