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Prez Biden sends an envoy to Doumbouya:Demands a return to democratic rule and holding of elections

The United States thinks it's the world’s policeman. Mostly it’s because every time “the world” thinks it needs a policeman, it calls the United States. The US is the world police and seeks to stop regimes from attacking people who have not had a trial. It is upholding laws, and it is acting as judge, jury, and executioner.

Yes, that’s a bit weird and simplistic, but it’s also true. Just listen whenever some catastrophe that requires something like a “world policeman” happens. You start hearing stuff like, “When is the US going to stop this?” “Why hasn’t the US done anything yet?” “How can the US just stand by and let this happen?”

Doumbouya has released the octogenarian former president, Alpha Conde, from prison and transferred him to the residence of his wife. He is under rigorous monitoring by special forces soldiers who patrol the streets and guard the entrance of the building. Analysts have said this act seems to be the correct thing to do by the junta leader considering how old the man is, then also he doesn't want Alpha Conde to die in prison without trial.

The transition team has fully been established and everything is in place to keep the government running. However, the junta leader didn't indicate how long the interim government would be ruling until a substantive government is brought to power. This has been the concern of critics who are skeptical about the number of years, the interim government will be in power.

Should they decide to rule the country for the next five or 10 years, who can stop them? The United States of the America president, Joe Biden is concerned with the development in Guinea and hence has dispatched an envoy to the country to hold talks with the leader.

In a statement released, the United States of America wants to pressurize the junta for "a quick holding of free and fair elections that will allow Guinea to regain civil regime."

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