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Prof. Wajackoyah promises to legalize the growing of marijuana, dog meat and snake farming in Kenya.

Kenyan Presidential Candidate, Prof. George Wajackoyah has promised to legalise the growing of marijuana to clear the country's $71.4 billion debt burden. He plans to introduce snake farming and dog meat exports to China. He stated that his Government will hang corrupt people.

Speaking of the rearing of snakes he said "if we did snake farming in Kenya, each venomous snake farmer will earn an average of $6,000 per vial of anti vernom. For example, a cobra farmer will will make $6,300 from a vial of cobra anti venom. Speaking about dog meat, he said the price of dog is six times higher than that of a goat. This means that Kenya will be able to make a lot of money from rearing dogs.

What are your thoughts about the ideas of this man contesting to be the president of Kenya? You can follow my page for more news.


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