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A Piece Of Advice To Members Of IPOB World Wide And The Biafrans

The Biafrans are group of People who live in the southeast part of Nigeria and a few in the states of Rivers, akwaibom, Cross river, Delta and Bayelsa. Who has attempted to break away from Nigeria in 1967 , which led to the country's first civil war that Nigeria later won, even it was stated as no winner ,no vanquished.

IPOB was established in 2014 , while other sources said it started in 2016 by their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He is a half British and a half Biafran citizen, he became famous through his radio Biafra broadcast, since 2009 when it was established.

The major reason while IPOB was created was to continue the struggle for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra.

But they have practically neglected "peace and unity" that ended the first stanza of Nigeria anthem and if they think they are fighting injustice by threatening to separate from Nigeria then I would like to let them know that is a very wrong way of fighting injustice.

Nigeria is one, and is better that way, they should rather agitate for good governance, let Nigeria try and have intelligent leaders that have the capacity of fixing their economy and resources and the country would be better for it . This is because the large population they have is an added advantage, that any nation should uphold with all their might and never joke with.

Nigeria can become a better place to live in the world, when they come together.

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