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We can no longer complain about 'dumsor' and water shortages? - Johnnie Hughes

The recent power outages, combined with water pipes that aren't flowing in certain parts of the country, have been a source of concern for everyone.

Lights and safe drinking water are essential in our daily lives because they are the foundation of everything we do. As a result, people will be in a difficult situation if they do not have even one.

While well-meaning Ghanaians and stakeholders speak out against these issues, some people, particularly young people, use social media in party colors to insult critics.

On Twitter, Johnnie Hughes, a fine broadcaster at TV3 and a professional MC, is speaking out against this development. He lamented the fact that as citizens of this country, we can no longer complain about 'dumsor' and water shortages. Somebody certainly must be held accountable. He went on to say that young people aligned with political parties are the ones who always try to gag people from speaking about this predicaments.

Below is his Tweet,

"My light is off. My water is not flowing. But, I am told not to complain. And guess those asking me not to? Young people tied to politcal apron strings of retirees. Whew!"

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