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Meet the man who won the hearts of all Ghanaians during the fix the country demonstration

The fix the country demonstration had some memorable moments and scenes. Some old men and women were seen sitting on the floor and raining curses on the president. Some were also seen making some very bold utterance and also making some eye-catching placards. The whole process was a success because of the number of people who were present.

During the demonstration, there was one man who did the unexpected. Many Ghanaians have gone for demonstrations but we’re not seen this act of patriotism and carefulness. One of the demonstrators called Ernesto Yeboah caused massive stir as he was seen with a trash bag collecting the plastics and other waste materials being generated.

After social media begun a fix yourself hashtag to counter the fix the country hashtags, this young man was used as a symbol of change and a sign of a fixed attitude. And that’s because he did what was right and supported not just the demonstrators but the entire country by doing this.

This has rendered opposers of the demonstration speechless as he emerges as one of the ‘star boys’ in the just ended demonstration. We hope to see more creative and thoughtful decisions like the one made by the young man. Many are in positive spirits that the demonstration will yield better outcomes and will cause the change the youth are looking for.

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