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Summary Of NDC Emergency Press Conference

Today, Thursday, May 20, 2021 the biggest opposition, National Democratic Congress organized a press congress to address why they have pulled out of IPAC temporarily, dispute the 2020 elections and why they disagree with the EC proposed reforms.

According to Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, the 2020 elections is one of the most flawed and manipulated in Ghana’s history based on the following reasons.

1.Dupious printing of ballot papers meant for Ashanti region. There was also stamped ballot papers by the EC. They were dumped after questions were raised. Other reasons include Unprecedented number of rejected ballots and Illegal pink sheets used. The Form 8b is a legal form but this was subsequently changed days before the election. The omission is where manual/biometric ballots tabulated omitted.

2. Widespread cases of arithmetic errors on pink sheets caused by incompetent EC staff

5. Manipulation of results by the EC thus no correlation between the constituency results and the regional results.

6. Padding of votes for Akufo-Addo

7. No proper collation of ballots at the constituency centers.

8. Unprecedented cases of state sponsored violence and death caused by incompetent EC officers and the Akufo-Addo government. Eight people died. This has never happened in the country.

9. Contrary to assertions by the EC that the international institutions had accepted the results, people of SALL were denied the right to vote.

10. The claim that 90 million was saved is not true. The EC rather lost financially because of the face recognition machines. How many voted using that machine? It was redundant. If the EC saved, why haven’t they paid their workers?

11. Parliament needs to invite Jean Mensah to come and explain where the monies passed and why they haven’t paid their workers.

12. The EC must reform itself first before thinking of reforms. Jean Mensa and Bossman Asare are arrogant and should be reformed.

13. Proposal to change the time of closing of polls to 5 pm is not workable. This is just another way to disenfranchise Ghanaians. They failed in announcing results in 24 hours and now they want to close polls at 3pm

14. The EC cannot permit continuous registration of new voters by opening officers for eligible people to register. Already in law this is done the last Friday of the month when party agents are around. Will the EC now be paying agents of the parties to work all year round?

15. The NDC boycotted IPAC because the Jean Mensah led EC are arrogant and not a listening institution. The EC has also turned a consensus building IPAC to an information center where only they are heard.

16. The NDC are proposing new reforms; The EC should adopt an equitable voting system at IPAC based on party representation in Parliament. According to Elvis, the NDC cannot have 1 vote and Akua Donkor also have 1 vote. The NDC also expects the EC to work on Form 8A and B. the high rate of rejected ballots should be addressed. The EC is also expected to train competent people to prevent arithmetic errors.

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