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"It's Been 1 Year Now" - Ghanaians Complain About Free SHS As Some Students Were Seen Misbehaving

It's been exactly one year since the polls and we thank God for everything that has happened since then. Some might have had their regrets for their choice they made and others might be proud of the bold step they took in contributing to the leadership of the country.

Since today marks one year, some Ghanaians took to Twitter to express their utter disgust with the Free SHS. Although a lot of people would have benefited from it and it also helped reduce the number of miscreants in the society, however, some people really don't fancy the idea.

A video of some students misbehaving has circulated the media and it has made people think twice about the whole purpose of the Free SHS stuff. Some say it's the only contribution and effort made to better develop the country. The tweets above shows the opinion of some.

What do you think? Is the Free SHS a blessing in disguise or is it not? Personally, it has it's good and bad but overall it's still beneficial yet not enough for the development.

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