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Dumsor in focus. Ghanaians gave Mahama a raw deal, now treats Akufo Addo with kid gloves.

Let us admit beforehand, that, the intermittent power/electricity outages, popularly known as 'Dumsor' during the John Dramani Mahama era overstayed its welcome, lasted for almost four solid years. However, the way Ghanaians associated the name with John Mahama and directly accused him of being the reason for the unfortunate phenomenon, and how the current similar situation is not being attributed to the ills of President Akufo Addo snacks of a Ghanaian hypocrisy.

John Dramani Mahama was given a raw deal. Ghanaians did not mince words, they made the name Dumsor the second name of the then President, John Dramani Mahama.

In the Mahama era, Dumsor was well-defined. The cause of it was no secret either. It was the problem of inadequate power generation, a shortfall in the total energy need of the country. The available megawatts was not enough, hence the power ration.

John Mahama solved that problem. In fact, this current government has blamed John Mahama for generating power in excess of what the country needs when it took over in 2017.

Now, there is Dumsor in the country. The government says it is not Dumsor. Ghanaians seem to have agreed with the government's description of the situation, which is that, this is a different Dumsor called, intermittent power outages. Additionally, there is also power fluctuation which tends to destroy people's electrical home appliances.

The problem in this case is not well-defined. There is no clear communication as to where within the energy sector, (i.e. Production, transmission, distribution) the problem is emanating from.

Ghana Grid company (GRIDCO) which is in charge of transmission has taken the most bullets. This is because, it is come out with several public statements to try and explain the circumstances leading to this Dumsor. Some statements have ended up contradictory.

In all these, the problem persist. The country keeps experiencing power outages and fluctuation. Yet, Ghanaians are quiet. Nobody seems to have the courage to berate the government like we did to John Mahama.

People now point fingers at GRIDCO and ECG and leave out Akufo-Addo. Hardly would you hear the President's name being mentioned when power goes off.

We were not fair to John Dramani Mahama, or Perhaps, I should say, we are being too generous to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. 

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