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NDC's demonstration is unlawful - ACP Kwasi Ofori

NDC's demonstration is unlawful - ACP Kwasi Ofori.

The NDC supports assumed control over the roads to crush property and deny residents of true serenity 

Partner Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mr Kwasi Ofori, Accra Regional Operations Commander, Ghana Police Service, on Thursday said the demonstration being coordinated by allies of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) was unlawful. 

He said the NDC didn't look for consent from the Police, thusly, they had penetrated "the Public Order Act 491 which expresses that earlier notification and authorization should be looked for from the Police prior to leaving on any type of demonstration". 

Once more, he said it was unlawful for the NDC allies to assume control over the roads, wreck property and deny residents of significant serenity. 

"You can't simply assume control over the roads, consuming tires, demolish bulletins and cause pandemonium. We are approaching the administration of NDC to call their kin to request and we are sending a solid admonition to the demonstrators that we won't permit them do anything they need," he said. 

The ACP guaranteed that the security offices (Police and Military) were large and in charge and would not sit inert for the demonstrators to go rogue. 

In the early long periods of Thursday, a horde of NDC allies walked to the Electoral Commission Headquarters in Accra to challenge the 2020 General Election results. 

Protestors anyway conflicted with individuals from the security offices who were resolved to keep them under control, prompting the consuming of tires and stone-tossing while others attempted to compel their way through the blockade. 

The majority of them continued reciting, "No Mahama, No Peace", "No Mahama, No President" while others had bulletins with engravings, for example, "Jean Mensah, Ladies Don't Steal." 

The Police and Military reacted by splashing water, poisonous gas and shooting elastic slugs to scatter the group. Some protestors were captured.

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