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My Elder Son Sacrificed Himself For Us So That We Could Live A Better Life. He Left This Note Behind

My family and I were living in poverty almost all our lives. I had six children, four boys and two beautiful daughters. My husband and I did everything we could to give our children all the best in life, but I guess we were not created to be rich despite all the efforts we made to live a comfortable life. We lived most of our lives on borrowing which compelled us to be always moving from one place to another just to hide from those we owed.

We couldn't even afford to send one of our children to school because we were so poor. On occasion, the whole family slept on an empty stomach. My husband was not a slacker; he would get up at the crack of dawn to look for work at a new construction site where people were erecting their new structures.

He sometimes returned home with only GHC 80, which was insufficient to feed the entire family. We were most of the time surviving on banku and dry fish because of our meager income. We spent what we had on corn and cassava dough because it could cater for the whole family with just a little quantity.

My older son was worried and would weep for days in his bed. He also tried his hardest to look after his younger brothers and sisters. But we had no idea that he had devised a scheme to end our poverty by making himself a sacrifice so that the whole family could have a better life. Things changed for us 6 months after he died. After 6 months after his death, my husband had a lotto number, staked and won a sum of Ghc73,500.

After that, everything we touched became successful, and our lives began to change. Now I can brag about having a two-storey house and two cars. I am free to fly in and out of the country whenever I want.

One day, I came across this note while going through the belongings of my deceased son. “If you are reading this note, it means I am no longer alive. I couldn't bear seeing you and my younger children suffer at the hands of poverty, so I'm willing to die so that the whole family can live a better life. Since it is my own will, do not weep after my death.”

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