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Parade protest


Toll collectors denied access to the parliament house by the police during their demonstration

The activities of toll collectors in the country came to an abrupt end, after the government made it clear that they were no more going to operate in the country. This cessation was for the best according to the government but, it somehow affected some citizens and they just cannot believe it is all happening.

The toll collectors as well as the people who sold in traffic have been made bitter. They claim if their source of income is going to be taken from them, the government should find alternative ways to make them survive.

They claim they want to remain employed because for most of them, this is what they do for a living. They feed their families with the income they generate and are therefore going to get stranded if it continues this way.

Well, according Adom 106.3 FM, these toll collectors and associates demonstrated against the government over the cessation of road tolls. You could see them in green with, red all over, showing a sign of anger and the rage on their faces summarized it all. These guys marched through the streets with placards all over.

Some of the writings on these placards were, "The Government payroll is full", "We want to remain employed", "Mr. Amoako, do you hate us?"

These guys marched to the parliament house but were denied access to the parliament house by the police. Some just couldn't believe they were denied access to the parliament house. Imagine marching in the sun and singing along only to be denied access to your focal point.

Some demonstrators wouldn't take it and even went ahead to scream even after the denial. I hope the government comes to their aid as time goes on. By the way, you can watch the videos by clicking on link A and link B.

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