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Agenda Make Ghana a One Party State On Course

By Father Casford


It seems the Parliamentary vetting of Nominees this year is full of novelties including new inventions. I haven't seen a vetting session that was full of "I am sorry, I regret, I apologise" from Nominees than this session of Akufo Addo's nominees. Dishonest show of remorse!

From Mathew Opoku Prempeh who said he was sorry for telling those outright lies against John Mahama, through Ursula Owusu, Opong Nkrumah who severally said they were not aware of the Covid Theft at the Airport, to Peter Amewu who said he had regreted the incident of molestation of the Bailif and Dominic Nitiwul who also apologised for supervising the invasion of the Chamber of Parliament by armed soldiers, were all being dishonest. Clear syndicated hypocrisy adopted to secure approval in order to execute an ulterior motive in government.

Instructively, some of these Nominees were the same people who came before the vetting committee in 2017 looking sober, remorseful and Angelic. Today they are here, apologising for gross maltreatment of the citizens of Ghana. What is the guarantee that they won't do worse things should they get parliamentary approval?

Again, we need to be warry about what they have up their sleeves in terms of atrocities against the people of Ghana in pursuit of their agenda? Even as they had a hurdle of subjecting the renewal of their mandate to the people to decide on their re-election, they were not perturbed and went ahead to commit various degrees of atrocities against the people.

Even as they knew, they would be required to behave well in government to pave the way for an easy 2nd term, they went ahead to deny Ahmed Suale justice. They removed Charlotte Osei, removed Domelovo, removed John Mahama from his official residebce, shot and killed 8 people in an election and you think these people can be trusted?

If these people are again given the nod in parliament, only God knows what they would do to the people of Ghana. The agenda of turning Ghana into a *One Party State* would be kick started with an ornamental force to make sure it succeeds before the next election in 2024. It is obvious, Ghanaians have rejected Akufo Addo and his NPP party, but for the irresponsible declaration by Jean Mensah on the 9th December, 2020.

It is now the duty of Parliament to compliment the effort of the masses by rejecting the Nominees and prevent the "Operation Kill NDC Party" and introduce a One Party State in Ghana. We take solace in the fact that, Jean Mensah cannot manipulate the votes in parliament and thankfully, the NDC has the numbers to vote against all Akufo Addo Nominees to put Ghana back on a sound democratic experimentation.

So therefore, the fate of Ghana today is in the hands of the NDC Parliamentarians. You have the power to save Ghana. Save Ghana now! Thank you.

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