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Why Is the Opposition Party(NDC) silent over NPP and NANA Addo's reaction towards the LGBTQI issue.

The president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, is seemed to be very slow in reacting toward the LGBTQI canker in the country. The people expected the government to act as quickly as possible but happened the other way round.

Knowing, the two strong political parties in the country have been critically criticising and opposing each other in turns. This time around, the opposition, NDC, is seen by the people to be very quiet about this issue of LGBTQI. This has kept many talking.

Commonly, even issues that are of good benefits to the country get back firings from the opposition. Why then is the NDC quiet over this? It calls for an answer.

Again, the people say they are confused about how certain men of God and and other prominent personalities are down on this issue. Does it mean they are hypocrites in disguise?

No! It is very sad to experience such a long-time silence over this case.

The people claim to see this situation to be one that orders the opposition to firmly blast the ruling government and the president over certain things. "should pressure the government to act according and take the final decision to cut things short" the people expressed.

The LGBTQI movement ,on the other hand, claims it is been abused and the government infringes it's rights when they are treated like that. It therefore present before the government to take their rights into consideration.

This case is not a new case. This case was brought before many presidents, Late Prof. Atta Mills and Mr. John Dramani Mahama, but was turned down and given no attention at all.

From the people:

To the government:

Why is the president paying some level of attention to this issue and has been hesitating to pronounce the final decision?

From the people:

To the opposition party:

Why has NDC kept quiet over the LGBTQI issue?

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