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Facts about North Korea they don't what you to know about.

North Korea is a country in East Asia and is a Socialist state whose system of government is dictatorship. The country is surrounded by other countries like Russia, China and South Korea. The constitution of North Korea portrays the nation as 'dictators of people's democracy'. They run a single-party system which is the Worker's Party of Korea (WPK). This party by their constitution has legal supremacy over all other parties since 1948 AD.

The country is based on 'Juche' an ideology of the country which in English Language means 'self-reliance'.

The truth about North Korea in this present time is far different from the picture they present to the world.

They have beautiful culture and traditions, dances and sporting activities which they are proud of. But such things don't really matter to them.

What matters to them is the missiles, the tanks, soldiers and the illusion of power and military display every where in the country with leaders having their statues and pictures on buildings.

This is what North Korea put their focus on at all cost not even on the general education of their children.

Here are some things that characterize North Korea.

The nation is the most strictest place on earth, more like a prison; ' the people are imprisoned by the outfit of the poor ideology, system of governance and other unfavorable policies. The country has created an isolated, dangerous and the most depressing place ever on earth.

You can only enter into this country as a member of an organized group. The normal world outside North Korea which we live in and try to make better each day is very different from what you meet and experience when you enter into this country.

Here is why North Korea is said to be very strict a place to live, pertaining to what people who have traveled and witness what it is like to live in North Korea say.

There are soldiers to inspect all the things you carry with you, they check every page of every book you carry along with you and every photo you have on you.

They have banned religion; they don't allow into their country your Bible or Qur'an or any related religious text.

They do not allow political books, nude magazines and transmitters of internet.

Soldiers take your phones to check and see the kind of pictures you have and you cannot take a picture of a soldier.

There is extreme poverty and extreme isolation with little or no freedom. Citizens do not have access to WiFi, Facebook, and access to the outside world.

As a visitor you cannot take pictures of everything you see, there are people who work like conductors to take you around the country.

They rely solely on products they produce themselves that is to say, they have little or no trade with other nations. Their highways are usually quiet with few cars on the road, simply because citizens cannot afford them.

There is no stable power supply.

And you get check again by soldiers one last time before you leave.

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