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Kwaku Azar - Government Is Under No Obligation Whatsoever To Pay Ex Gratia

Lawyer and KPMG Professor in Accounting at the Fisher School of Accounting, University of Florida Stephen Kwaku Asare widely known as Kwaku Azar has asserted that government is under no obligation to or whatsoever to pay ex gratia.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Tuesday, 7th June 2022, he wrote;

"Note that ex gratia is like tipping at a restaurant. It can be any amount. It can be in the form of a certificate of appreciation. Government is under no obligation whatsoever to pay ex gratia."

Professor Azar further asserted that Article 71 is like any law that requires people who work to be paid. It simply provides the process for determining the salary.

"So let us not, once again, misinterpret article 71 as saying we are not only obliged to pay ex gratia but it should be as high as the 30 years gross salary of a productive nurse." He argued.

The Lawyer and Professor ended his opinion by saying "If you want to understand why it is paid, look no further to how Togbe Afede XIV is being attacked for rejecting it!".

The comments of Kwaku Azar follows the recent public discussion on the GH₵365,000 ex-gratia refunded by Togbe Afede, immediate past member of the Council of State. Togbe asserts that it is wrong for him to take that money following his temporary work at the Council of State.

Some Ghanaians have praised him for such patriotism whiles others think differently about his action.

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